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Presented by NIDA in association with Multicultural Arts Victoria as a part of Mapping Melbourne Festival 2017. 

The evening culminated in a six-way improvisation between the artists exploring energy exchanges and instinctual flows.

A Triple-bill presenting an eclectic collection of aural, visual and poetic explorations of ritual as drawn from the intersecting vectors of identity and connection of the artists. The meanings are often metaphoric and reference the spontaneous transformation of experience.

Syllables of Ritual
Nithya Iyer, Luna Mrozik-Gawler & Devika Bilimoria

Syllables of Ritual is a meditative poetic exploration of the contemporary connection to ritual, worship and heritage presented by writers and performers Nithya Iyer and Luna Mrozik-Gawler. The performance will be accompanied by projections from photographer, videographer and artist Devika Bilimoria.

"A mesmerising movement and spoken word piece with a musical backdrop, exploring the connection, contradiction, and complications of cultural heritage and inherited forms of worship..." -IndianLink

Out of Auto
Sudeep Lingamneni & Andrew McLaughlin

Out of Auto is a collaborative sound art project by Sudeep Lingamneni and Andrew McLaughlin. Drawing on their wide-ranging experiments in ambient music, sound design, punk & post-rock Lingamneni and McLaughlin create an improvised deep-listening sonic experience. Electric. Acoustic. Immediate. Visceral.


Aarti Jadu

Tincture as a ritual invites the acknowledgement of ourselves, the elements, and that relationship. Aarti Jadu and her ensemble will be exploring dropping into sound from nothing, an immersion into our environment, that which subconsciously creates our world.

Luna and Nithya in conversation with PERIL magazine




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